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Rather Be Mowing

The lawn care lovers know what they would rather be doing…mowing of course! Show off your #lawngoals with extra soft

DIY Above Ground Sprinkler

No irrigation system?  No problem!  This diy above ground sprinkler is one that I continue to use and the best part is it's not permanent so there's no digging! You will need to purchase the parts separately but it's easy to put together. Watch more here



pHixORR is a dual purpose product for hard water treatment that aids in dissolving soluble fertilizers as well as dissolves excess carbonates and bicarbonates in the soil. Excess carbonates and bicarbonates can create tight and restrictive soil. Hard water can make it more difficult for soluble fertilizers to full dissolve and go into solution.


pHixORR applied at 1.5oz/1000 sq ft. and watered with approximately one inch of water can help manage excess carbonate and bicarbonate (including Calcium and Magnesium) levels within the soil. Repeat applications monthly during the growing season.


For spray tank water treatment, add .5oz per gallon to help soluble powdered fertilizers dissolve completely.


Ryan Knorr Lawn Care Official Long Sleeve

Looking for Official Ryan Knorr Lawn Care apparel? Look no further than these high quality long sleeve shirts with official

The Ultimate Guide to Cool Season Lawns

After more than 300 videos of cool season lawn care content on Youtube, I’ve compiled ALL of my best tips and tricks into this digital ebook covering an ENTIRE SEASON of lawn care for cool season grasses from start to finish. This easy to follow guide features well over 100 pages of my personal recommendations that will take the guesswork out of lawn care and take your lawn to the next level!

Simple Lawn Solutions Ryan Knorr Gallons Box

Ask and you shall receive! In response to the Simple Lawn Solutions and Ryan Knorr Lawn Care “Lawn Essentials Box” many have asked for a bundle with larger sized bottles. The gallons box features 3 of of your favorite products in a larger size for easy refill of the smaller box, larger yards, or those who prefer to spray with a backpack and don't need hose end sprayers. This box features 3 - 1 gallon bottles of liquid products (16-4-8, Lawn Energizer, Soil Hume) bundled together so you SAVE versus purchasing bottles separately.  Be sure to check out my Free Guide on how to use the Simple Lawn products in your lawn. P.S. You get 5% off when you use code ryanknorr at checkout

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