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Premium Reel Mowers Designed With The Homeowner In Mind
Reel Mowers
There’s something about the look of a low cut lawn. It’s what you see on golf courses.  It’s what you see at the stadium of your favorite sports team. It’s what you see on high end properties all around the world.  What if you could achieve that look at home? Swardman reel mowers are designed specifically for this purpose! 

These easy to use reel mowers allow for a clean and crisp cut at low mowing heights.  The rollers prevent scalping of the lawn and the reel cuts each grass blade like a scissors.  Easy to use self propelled controls allow you to enjoy mowing your lawn without any steep learning curve.


Check out these videos that showcase the Swardman mowers in action

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For more information on these machines (the gas powered Edwin and the battery powered Electra) please visit my friends at Reel Rollers to purchase your new Swardman!