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Scotts Mini Spreader

This was my first spreader and I still use it today! Very affordable and although it's plastic and does not compare to the expensive models in terms of quality, it just plain works and that's good enough for me.

Simply Organic Lawn Food

This is a no phosphorus organic lawn food that is a good alternative to Milorganite.  Milorganite does not contain potassium and it's an important macronutrient to apply so I would rotate in a product like this in your program if you want to stay organic based.

Sissy Grass

For all of your sissy grass lovers out there, this shirt is for you! Extra soft and extra sissy with

Soil Sampler Probe

This is the soil probe I use in my lawn to take samples of soil and inspect areas throughout the

Soil Thermometer

Knowing your soil temperature can be more important than you think! I use a simple meat thermometer to take temperature readings throughout the year.

Spraying Shirts

I love these breathable lightweight long sleeve dri-fit type shirts while spraying various products in my lawn.

Surecan Gas Can

I've been using the Surecan Gas Can for multiple years now and it continues to be my go to for fueling my machines.

Turf Builder

You've probably seen this at every big box store in the country.  For someone just getting into fertilizer who wants a tried and true option this will work well and has settings right on the bag for Scotts spreaders.

Vintage Reel Mower Tshirt

Do have reel mower fever? Show your love of reel mowing with this vintage look t-shirt! This t-shirt is comfortable,

Zero G Garden Hose

I have always hated carrying around heavy hoses and especially in the colder part of the season.  These zero g flexible hoses have solved that problem for me!