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Tall Fescue Shady Mix

SS1002 is a Sod Quality 4-way blend of tall fescue varieties that have outstanding turfgrass quality in shaded growing conditions.

Tall Fescue Sunny Mix

SS1000 is a premium Certified blend of four of the best varieties in National Turfgrass Evaluation Program (NTEP) tall fescue trial. SS1000 Certified tall fescue blend is recommended wherever tall fescue is grown and receives 4 hours of direct sunlight or more each day.

Turf Builder

You've probably seen this at every big box store in the country.  For someone just getting into fertilizer who wants a tried and true option this will work well and has settings right on the bag for Scotts spreaders.

Vintage Reel Mower Tshirt

Do have reel mower fever? Show your love of reel mowing with this vintage look t-shirt! This t-shirt is comfortable,

Zero G Garden Hose

I have always hated carrying around heavy hoses and especially in the colder part of the season.  These zero g flexible hoses have solved that problem for me!