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Lawn Roller

Lawn Rollers can come in handy in many situations.  With all of the renovation work I do, and the occasional use outside of that, I love having one of these around when I need it.

Leafmate Bag Funnel

If you've ever tried to pour grass clippings or leaves into a paper lawn bag you'll know it can be a messy experience.  This lawn bag funnel has made it possible for me to easily pour my grass clippings into recyclable lawn bags.  Genius invention!

Let There Be Stripes Hoodie

Here’s the Let There Be Stripes design on a hoodie for those cold weather days. Everyone needs a cozy go-to

Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Just one more way to show off your #lawngoals with this long sleeve also featuring the Official Ryan Knorr Lawn


For years Milorganite was part of my lawn program and is also a perfect fertilizer for beginners who want to start using granular but need practice with using a spreader without fear of damaging the lawn.  My soil tests have since told me that I need other products instead of milorganite (it is high in phosphorus) but using this a few times a year and mixing in a product with potassium for the rest of your apps would be a good plan. p.s. look for this locally or for "clones" of similar products that will usually be called some sort of "organic lawn food" where you'll get a cheaper price than buying online

Nitrile Disposable Gloves

I use these gloves all the time! When working with products in the lawn it is very important to protect yourself and these disposable gloves are exactly what I recommend for that.

Official Logo PLUS lawngoals

For those looking for that official Ryan Knorr Lawn Care logo shirt but also want to show of fyour #lawngoals,

Plastic Rake

These plastic rakes are fantastic for cleaning debris from the lawn.

Rain Gauge

Where I live it's not uncommon to have a rain storm with multiple inches of rain in one storm.  I use this rain gauge because it holds up to 11 inches of rain! It's essential to keep track of rainfall and this does it very well.

Ryan Knorr Lawn Care Hoodie

Looking for Official Ryan Knorr Lawn Care apparel? Look no further than these high quality Hoodies with official logo design.

Ryan Knorr Lawn Care Official Long Sleeve

Looking for Official Ryan Knorr Lawn Care apparel? Look no further than these high quality long sleeve shirts with official

Ryan Knorr Lawn Care Official Mug

Interested in official Ryan Knorr Lawn Care products for your home? Look no further than this high quality coffee mug