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Blade Balancer

This little tool helps you to see if your lawn mower blade is balanced after sharpening.  A balanced blade is important to avoid unnecessary stress on the mower.

Bluegrass Mix

This 3-way Certified blend is ideal for overseeding existing cool season lawns to add superior bluegrass varieties or to plant a new lawn of 100% Kentucky bluegrass.

DIY Above Ground Sprinkler

No irrigation system?  No problem!  This diy above ground sprinkler is one that I continue to use and the best part is it's not permanent so there's no digging! You will need to purchase the parts separately but it's easy to put together. Watch more here


Set your lawn apart from the rest with crisp edges.  This corded tool is affordable and does a fantastic job!

Flap Disc

I use this flap disc to sharpen mower blades.  It is more user friendly than a grinding disc and removes less material so you can sharpen blades easily and frequently.

Greenworks Dethatcher

This is the perfect machine for a homeowner who doesn't want to rent a dethatcher but also doesn't want to break the bank.  It is surprisingly powerful and easily connects to an outlet so there's no battery or gas involved.

Greenworks Reel Mower

There is something I truly enjoy about manual reel mowing. If you keep up with it and don't let the grass grow too long, it's not as difficult as many would make it seem.  If you want to try out reel mowing I would start with this model.


I use this grinder to sharpen mower blades. Pair this with a flap disc and it provides an easy to use solution for homeowners to sharpen blades at home.

Hand Sprayer

Sometimes you just need a simple hand can.  These are great for spot spraying weeds and the price is right.

Hitachi Leaf Blower

I truly believe this is the best "bang for your buck" gas powered blower out there.

Impact Sprinkler

Impact sprinklers are a great general sprinkler for so many occasions.  This model is one I've had for years and continue to recommend as my go to impact sprinkler.

Lawn Bags

If you need to dispose of grass clippings or leaves I use these bags. This is a pack of 25.