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#lawngoals Beanie

You have #lawngoals and it’s time to show it with a classic embroidered beanie. Finished with a pom-pom on top,

Earthwise 7 Blade Reel Mower

I recently switched to this 7 blade reel mower for mowing my backyard Kentucky bluegrass at 1" and it's worked very well.  The cut is clean!

#lawngoals Trucker Hat

When you’ve got #lawngoals you need to show it! This trucker hat is for all those lawn lovers out there.

Rather Be Mowing

The lawn care lovers know what they would rather be doing…mowing of course! Show off your #lawngoals with extra soft

Seed Super Store Grass Seed

I'm a true believer in high quality seed and I've witnessed the changes in my yard because of it. Seed Super Store carries nothing but the best and elite varieties which have been tested and rated by the NTEP program. If you are working on a seeding project, invest in high quality seed the first time and you'll thank yourself later!

#Lawngoals Hoodie

Show off your #lawngoals with this exclusive hoodie! Also features the Official Ryan Knorr Lawn Care Logo on the left

Blade Balancer

This little tool helps you to see if your lawn mower blade is balanced after sharpening.  A balanced blade is important to avoid unnecessary stress on the mower.

Bluegrass Mix

This 3-way Certified blend is ideal for overseeding existing cool season lawns to add superior bluegrass varieties or to plant a new lawn of 100% Kentucky bluegrass.

DIY Above Ground Sprinkler

No irrigation system?  No problem!  This diy above ground sprinkler is one that I continue to use and the best part is it's not permanent so there's no digging! You will need to purchase the parts separately but it's easy to put together. Watch more here


Set your lawn apart from the rest with crisp edges.  This corded tool is affordable and does a fantastic job!

Flap Disc

I use this flap disc to sharpen mower blades.  It is more user friendly than a grinding disc and removes less material so you can sharpen blades easily and frequently.

Greenworks Dethatcher

This is the perfect machine for a homeowner who doesn't want to rent a dethatcher but also doesn't want to break the bank.  It is surprisingly powerful and easily connects to an outlet so there's no battery or gas involved.