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Soil Sampler Probe

This is the soil probe I use in my lawn to take samples of soil and inspect areas throughout the

Sprayers Plus Backpack Sprayer

  • 20V Lithium-ion powered. Spray up to 23 tanks on a single charge
  • Constant 40 PSI working pressure to reach farther and wider
  • Lightweight and ultra portable, weighing only 9.6 lbs
  • High quality Viton seals throughout for durability and pressure
  • Battery & Motor Enclose Design
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Kujo Yardwear Lawn Shoes

Did you know there’s a shoe designed specifically for lawn work?  I used to wear boots in my yard but

Scotts Elite Spreader

I've used the cheap Scott's spreader for years and decided to upgrade to this Elite version. It works well with everything I've used it for so far and gives you a better "ride" on the lawn with the larger tires!

Scotts Mini Spreader

This was my first spreader and I still use it today! Very affordable and although it's plastic and does not compare to the expensive models in terms of quality, it just plain works and that's good enough for me.

Scotts Hand Spreader

This is a great spreader for seeding or fertilizing small areas. I use this a lot when I'm renovating and seeding!

Leafmate Bag Funnel

If you've ever tried to pour grass clippings or leaves into a paper lawn bag you'll know it can be a messy experience.  This lawn bag funnel has made it possible for me to easily pour my grass clippings into recyclable lawn bags.  Genius invention!

Lawn Bags

If you need to dispose of grass clippings or leaves I use these bags. This is a pack of 25.

Soil Thermometer

Knowing your soil temperature can be more important than you think! I use a simple meat thermometer to take temperature readings throughout the year.

Hitachi Leaf Blower

I truly believe this is the best "bang for your buck" gas powered blower out there.

Greenworks Dethatcher

This is the perfect machine for a homeowner who doesn't want to rent a dethatcher but also doesn't want to break the bank.  It is surprisingly powerful and easily connects to an outlet so there's no battery or gas involved.

Rain Gauge

Where I live it's not uncommon to have a rain storm with multiple inches of rain in one storm.  I use this rain gauge because it holds up to 11 inches of rain! It's essential to keep track of rainfall and this does it very well.