In order to keep an up to date list of products available (as sometimes product availability changes on Amazon or other online retailers) I created this page specifically so it can be edited easily at any time and remain up to date for all of you.

There is a section here that corresponds with every section of The Ultimate Cool Season Lawn Care guide so as you read the guide, the products you may be interested in using will be listed here for you to see.

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Visual Aid

I hope that this doesn’t create any confusion (read the guide step by step to understand my recommendations and explanations) but some have asked for a visual aid to “see” the guide in a visual form.  I created this to correspond to the guide but again, timing of everything is explained in more detail inside of the guide. “X” indicates a time when application is ideal and “optional” are times when you can apply if you would like to but it’s not a requirement.

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Chapter 1 – Cool Season Basics

Grass Seed –

Chapter 2 – Lawn Care Basics

Sharpening Blades Equipment

Grinder –

Flap Disc –

Hand File –

Blade Balancer –

Chapter 3 – Getting Started

Measure Your Lawn Equipment

Long Tape Measure –

General Lawn Equipment 

Scotts Mini Spreader –

Scotts Elite –

Scotts Handheld –

Hitachi Leaf Blower –

String Trimmer (the exact one I have isn’t sold anymore but this is the straight shaft version)


Soil Testing

Soil Probe –

Simple Lawn 15-0-15 –

Micronutrient Booster –

Soil Temperatures 

Soil Thermometer –

Dealing with Shade 

Tall Fescue Shade –

Extreme shade mix –

Chapter 4 – Early Spring

What To Do In Early Spring

Rake –

Blower –

Chapter 5 – Dethatching

Manual Rake (for small areas only) –

Electric Dethatcher –

Chapter 6 – Core Aeration

Manual Core Aerator (for small areas only) –


Chapter 7 – Spring Application 1

Liquid Products – Simple Lawn RKLC Bundle Box –

Another Great Option For Spring Fertilizer –

Scotts Starter Fertilizer (covers 14k sq ft) –

Scotts Starter with weed preventer (covers 4k sq ft) –

Video Playlist Showing My Smaller Project Lawn –

Chapter 8 – Pre-Emergent

Pre-Emergent (products of this nature sell out quickly so get this early in spring!)

Scotts Halts Crabgrass Preventer (local stores should have this as well)

Online Small Yard – Barricade Prodiamine Granular (18 pound bag is what I used) –

Online Large Yard Barricade Prodiamine Granular  –

Local Fertilizer Plus Pre-Emergent –

Advanced Users Liquid –

Dimension Dithiopyr Option (just different ingredient but another option) –

Overseeding and Pre-Emergent

Starter Fertilizer with weed preventer –

Chapter 9 – Spring Application #2 

Milorganite – (if you find it locally should be much cheaper)

Milorganite Local Alternative Example –

Organic Option – Purely Organic Lawn Food – (may also be sold in Home Depot)

My Lawn Supply Company Brand Product I Recommend –

Scotts Starter Fertilizer (covers 14k sq ft) –

Scotts Turf Builder –

Examples of store generic options:


Home Depot


Chapter 10 – Spring Application #2a

Simple Lawn Solutions RKLC Lawn Essentials Box –

Soil Hume single bottle –

If You Would Like To Mix Your Own Fert –

Chapter 11 – Post Emergent Weed Control

Hose End Spray or Concentrate –

Marking Dye –

Surfactant –

Pro Version Weed Killer –

Hand Can Sprayer –

“Pro” weed control –


Long Shirts –

Rubber Boots –

Protective gloves –

Respirator –

Safety Glasses –

Clover, Creeping Charlie and Nutsedge

Cheapest Option –

For advanced users –

Sedgehammer –

Chapter 12 – Grub Prevention

Grub Ex –

Grub Killer for Late Summer –

Chapter 13 – Late Spring

Soil Loosener –

Root Hume –

Soil Hume –

Chapter 15 – Irrigation

Oscillating Sprinkler –

Gilmour Impact Sprinkler –

Irrigation timers –

Parts for diy above ground sprinkler system

Hunter Pro Spray Base:

Hunter Pro Spray Base 5 pack –

MP3000 Sprinkler Head (22-30ft):

MP3000 Sprinkler Head (22-30ft) 3 pack –

MP2000 Sprinkler Head (13-21ft):

MP1000 Sprinkler Head (8-15ft):

½” Sprinkler Riser:

½” Sprinkler Spike:

Sprinkler Adjustment Tools:

Soil Probe and Screwdriver Test

Soil Probe –

Another Option –

Chapter 16 – Summer Application #1

Dr Iron Granular –

Simple Lawn Solutions Lawn Energizer –

Chapter 17 – Summer Application #2

Purely Organic Lawn Food –

Simple Lawn Solutions Lawn Food –

Another Great Option For Summer Fertilizer –

Chapter 18 – Summer Issues

Disease Ex –

Fungus Control For Lawns Granular –

Fungus Control For Lawns Hose End –

Weed Control 

Hose End Spray or Concentrate –

Tenacity –

Chapter 19 – Fall Renovation

Check Chapter 1 on this page for what grass seed I recommend if overseeding

Chapter 20 – Fall Application #1

Milorganite (if you can find locally it should be cheaper) –

Milorganite Local Alternative Example –

Purely Organic Lawn Food –

Scotts Starter Fertilizer (covers 14k sq ft) –

My Lawn Supply Company Brand Product I Recommend –

Chapter 21 – Fall Application #2 and Beyond

Scotts Fall Lawn Food –

Urea Fertilizer  46-0-0 (find at local turf supply for cheaper) –

Ammonium Sulfate 21-0-0 –

My Lawn Supply Company Brand Product I Recommend –


Another Lawn Supply Option –

Fall Pre-Emergent App

Barricade Prodiamine Granular –

Dithiopyr Option –


Simple Lawn Solutions Lawn Food –

Simple Lawn Solutions Iron Micronutrients Booster –

Chapter 22 – Winterizer 

Scotts Fall Lawn Food –

Winterizing Equipment 

Cleaning Supplies I use

Optimum Power Clean Degreaser –

Tire Brush –

Microfiber Drying Towel –

Waterless Wash –

Zero G Hose –

Fuel stabilizer for winter storage – Stabil –