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Beyond lawn care, a great landscape helps to make your property shine and PlantORR is the multipurpose fertilizer designed for gardens, ornamentals, and lawns as well. PlantORR is a balanced foliar fertilizer with fully chelated micronutrients. PlantORR can be applied to plants through a backpack, tank sprayer, or hose end sprayer. This product can be applied at lower rates bi-weekly, or it can be applied at higher rates monthly during the growing season.  PlantORR should be applied at 3-9 oz of product in 1 gallon of water and spray leaves until runoff. FREE SHIPPING


Potassium is one of the vital nutrients that is required for a lawn to look its best and fight off stress.  ResistORR was designed to provide the highest plant available foliar potassium to resist stress and to help plants initiate their natural defense systems. It also delivers unique plant biostimulants, peptides, and salisylic acid to mitigate the harmful effects of turf stress. Apply 3-6 oz per 1000 sq. ft. as needed for maintenance. Applications can be made every 7-28 days for desired results. Do not apply more than 32 oz per 1000 sq. ft. per season. FREE SHIPPING


A true slow release liquid fertilizer, SlowORR contains multiple forms of nitrogen for fast onset but sustained color response.  Released through microbial activity, SlowORR is a low salt index (non burning when used with adequate amounts of water) safe nitrogen source. SlowORR can be applied at rates based on the N requirements of the plant. Please see supplied application chart image for application rates (between 3 and 24 oz) - SlowORR should be applied with a MINIMUM of 1 gallon of water per 1000 sq. ft. but it is recommended to apply with 2 or more gallons of water per 1000 sq. ft. if possible. Water in after application. FREE SHIPPING


VigORR is the all around starter fertilizer and stress recovery liquid that you have been looking for.  This low salt index liquid can be utilized as a starter fertilizer in renovation projects or is also an excellent choice for stress recovery situations like summer parties or high foot traffic situations. VigORR can be used at low to high rates of 3-12 oz per 1000 sq. ft. and as high as 15 oz per 1000 sq. ft. FREE SHIPPING


GreenORR is a chelated micronutrient fertilizer forumulated with iron, magnesium, and manganese for maximum color. It also contains a unique biostimulant to produce longer color response and greater uptake of the micronutrients compared to traditional micronutrient products. Apply 3 to 9 oz per 1000 sq. ft. and water in after application. FREE SHIPPING

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When it comes to protecting and invigorating your turf, DefendORR is the root stimulating biostimulant with unparalleled results. This biostiumulant is designed to enhance root growth while also defending against root pruning herbicides.  DefendORR has a low salt index and is non burning at label rates while also being compatible with most pesticides and fertilizers.  DefendORR can be applied at any time during the growing season. DefendORR can be applied bi-weekly at 1oz per 1000 sq. ft. or monthly at 2oz per 1000 sq. ft. Please note that if temperatures are over 80 at time of application, use 1oz per 1000 sq. ft. rate. FREE SHIPPING  


If you’re looking for a soluble micronutrient fertilizer that you can mix at home and put right into your sprayer, GreenORR SP is what you’ve been looking for.  We’ve included fully chelated micronutrient ingredients in micronized form to deliver powerful results in low to high pH soils. This will allow the product to be used by your lawn even if your pH isn’t quite where you want it to be and will provide you with results for truly superior turf. Featuring a novel chelation method, using plant stimulating peptides, GreenORR SP is the only product on the market that delivers superior results to EDDHA chelation while biostimulating turfgrass. GreenORR SP pairs perfectly with GrowORR and is the affordable solution to your elite lawn care needs. This item will ship as a 2 lb bag. FREE SHIPPING


When dealing with summer stress and potential disease issues, a phosphite is designed to be another tool in the toolbox to fight off fungus issues like pythium.  PhiteORR is a phosphonate fertilizer designed to be applied prior to the extreme heat of summer as part of a disease management program. Use rate is 1.5-5.0 oz in a minimum of 1.75-2.0 gallons total spray volume per 1000 sq. ft. every 14-21 days.  Rate and frequency of application may vary due to active growth periods and grass cultivars. Fairway or rough/home lawn height: 3-5 oz per 1000 sq. ft. Greens height: 1.5-3.0 oz per 1000 sq. ft. FREE SHIPPING


If you’re looking for a soluble fertilizer without phosphorus that you can mix at home and put right into your sprayer, GrowORR is what you’ve been looking for.  We’ve included the highest quality ingredients in micronized form to deliver powerful results while utilizing ammonium sulfate and potassium nitrate for quick release. GrowORR is perfect for foliar applications to turf or ornamentals with superior results and is ideal for spoon feeding. GrowORR also pairs perfectly with GreenORR SP or GreenORR as an affordable solution to your elite lawn care needs. Apply at 1 POUND PER 1000 SQ. FT. during active growing season of turfgrass or ornamentals.  Irrigate after application. Use of WARM WATER or vigorous agitation will aid in dissolution of product into water. * please note - current product packaging for GrowORR will arrive with bagged powder in a box. Label for GrowORR will be on the outside of the box. FREE SHIPPING

Ammonium Sulfate


Ammonium sulfate is an ideal nitrogen source that tackles two birds with one stone: ammoniacal nitrogen for an immediate feed with great response in cold and warm weather, as well as sulfate which has been shown to increase tissue concentrations of iron. When used as a primary nitrogen source, AMS has a mild acidifying effect on soil which is also a benefit for soils with neutral to high pH.

Ammonium sulfate is compatible with all other Lawn Supply Company soluble powders and liquid products.

Dissolve 8oz of Ammonium Sulfate in 1 or more gallons of water to be applied to 1000 sq. ft. Higher rates can be used if more water (carrier volume) is used at time of application.  DO NOT Exceed 1lb/1000 sq. ft

Foliar uptake occurs very rapidly and ceases once spray has dried on the leaf blade. At this time, the application should be watered in. 

Ships as (2) 10 pound bags