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Ryan Knorr Lawn Care Elite Perennial Ryegrass

You know how much I love ryegrass!  It's my favorite grass type and this 3 way blend of perennial ryegrass meets my approval for what I expect when it comes to elite perennial ryegrass. Deep dark green color with ultra fast establishment and soft texture that stands up to traffic.  This blend is also OptiRoot treated with natural ingredients that promote germination and root development.  Long live #sissygrass ! FREE SHIPPING  

Ryan Knorr Lawn Care Elite Turf Type Tall Fescue

Turf -Type Tall Fescue has come into its own as a staple of cool season lawns in recent years, especially lawns in the transition zone or middle part of the country. It has the ability to be drought resistant while providing a dark green and lush appearance that's also great for lawn stripes.  My blend of 4 of the elite cultivars provides you with assurance that your fescue lawn will be exactly what you expect it to be and more! FREE SHIPPING

Ryan Knorr Lawn Care Elite Bluegrass/Ryegrass

Sometimes you want a predominantly Kentucky Bluegrass lawn but you want to get some grass going quickly to try to mitigate a storm washing away all of your hard work or other conditions out of your control. This is where a bluegrass/ryegrass seed mixture is a great way to accomplish that. These grasses mix together very well with similar color and texture while still maintaining a stand of grass that is predominately bluegrass. The best of both worlds! FREE SHIPPING

Ryan Knorr Lawn Care Elite Bermuda Grass

Bermuda grass has long been a stand out warm season grass that thrives in sunny and hot climates.  In the past, hybrid vegetative types (ones that are only available in the form of sod, plugs or sprigs) were the only way to achieve low cut high end bermuda.  Things have evolved with seeded varieties and we are now able to offer elite seeded cultivars that can be mowed as low as 1/2", feature dark green color and fine texture, and are drought resistant and cold tolerant for areas that are seeing warmer summers but also still get cold in winter.  Please note that bermuda does not do well in most shade situations so please make sure you are seeding this in an area with plenty of sun.

Ryan Knorr Lawn Care Elite Fine Fescue

Fine fescue has been making a comeback in the northern climates and for good reason! More and more research has produced varieties which are drought tolerant, low maintenance, disease resistant, and require less fertilizer than other cool season grass types.  Add in the fact that they can be used in shade situations and many are quick to realize the benefits that a low input lawn of fine fescue provides.  I have been testing fine fescue in 3 different plots at my location and have found that they can be used in full sun or full shade.  Full sun plots do some show dormancy/browning in mid summer but bounce back when cooler weather and rain returns in the fall.  Mowing height is best around 2.5" or below since these are very fine in texture and don't stand up as well at taller heights of cut. In wet and shady areas fine fescue is not as traffic tolerant so keep that in mind.

Ryan Knorr Lawn Care Elite Shade

Choosing the correct grass type for a cool season lawn in a shady location is essential to long term success. This bag of elite fine fescues, ryegrass, and bluegrass provides the shade tolerant cultivars that you need to turn that patch of dirt in the shade into a beautiful and lush lawn that feels great under your feet as well. The grass types chosen here are also low maintenance and drought tolerant to provide you with a sustainable turf that also requires less inputs which saves you money in the long run. Enjoy your new lawn in the shade! FREE SHIPPING

Ryan Knorr Lawn Care Elite Kentucky Bluegrass

For some, Kentucky Bluegrass will always be the king of cool season grass and it's not hard to understand why.  Bluegrass was the standard that I grew up with in the northern climate and offers exceptional color and soft texture while being able to recover from stress and damage in the lawn by spreading.  While it is slower to establish at first, once it does you will be amazed at the overall quality of bluegrass and it definitely stripes too! FREE SHIPPING  

Ryan Knorr Lawn Care Elite Turf Type Tall Fescue/Bluegrass

Tall Fescue and Bluegrass blends have become increasingly popular throughout cool season land. A predominantly tall fescue blend utilizes the strengths of that grass type with better drought tolerance, dark green color, and disease resistance with elite varieties. Add a small amount of bluegrass to the equation and you have the spreading and repairability of bluegrass that also helps to produce a thicker sod without competing with the tall fescue itself.  If you want tall fescue with added benefits, this is the one for you! FREE SHIPPING