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The Ryan Knorr Podcast
The Ryan Knorr Podcast

Musician turned Lawn Care Nut turned Youtuber might sound like a strange path to walk in life, but such is the journey of Ryan Knorr and his creative endeavors. Here you’ll find his Beyond The Lawn series with many names from the lawn care community on Youtube and beyond, as well as the TurfCast series with Ryan DeMay joining each week to talk all things turf!

TurfCast Ep 39 // I Guess I’m Building 3 Golf Greens??
byRyan Knorr

I’m sure this has been a LONG awaited episode for about 8 people but RD and I finally sat down to discuss some of my upcoming projects, the horrible weather forecast coming up and of course, the fact that I just might try to work on 3 golf greens this fall.  All of that and more in this turf nerd episode! 

Find out more about what Ryan is up to here: https://twitter.com/fieldsourceohio 

You can find me at https://www.ryanknorrlawncare.com

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