Lawn Nerd Gift Guide 2021

It’s that time of year!  The holidays are here and there’s plenty of gift options for the lawn lover in your life. This year I wanted to compile some of my favorites and give you some options from my store as well. My wife Kelsey and I run our store and absolutely have the best customers so we thank you again for your continued support and we wish you a happy and blessed holiday season.  

Please be aware that some of the links included in this guide will be affiliate links.  Affiliate links allow me to make a small commission when a product is purchased in return for putting together this gift guide and sharing recommendations with all of you.  This does not cost you anything extra but I simply want to make sure you understand that I do make a commission on some of the links below.  Ryan Knorr Lawn Care is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and other affiliate programs. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. 

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Cool Season Guides

I spent months and months the past few winter seasons writing these digital cool season lawn guides to better help viewers follow a year long program for their lawns or to understand how to complete a full renovation or overseed.  Each of these guides is over 100 pages and is a one stop shop to the information you need, all in one place.  

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Ryan Knorr Lawn Care and Landzie Lawn Level

Get a head start on your 2022 leveling projects with this tool designed in partnership with Landzie. 

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Other Products I Use And Recommend

That’s it for my store but let’s run down some of my favorite equipment and recommendations. 


I have had the same gas mowers mowers for years now and have not yet switched over to anything battery powered but here’s what I’m using. 

Toro Timemaster 30 Inch –

Honda 216 –

Both of these you can probably find more easily in stores. 

If you can believe it I’ve never used one of those new fancy battery powered mowers.  I’ll have to change that in 2022 but I’ve always had good luck with Greenworks tools and I think this mower might be something I look at when I take the plunge –

Manual Reel Mowers

If you want to dive into reel mowing but you’re not sure if it’s exactly for you, then a manual reel mower is a great way to get started for a much cheaper price.  I’ve owned a few over the years and like the Greenworks or the Earthwise.  


Again, I’m an old school kind of guy and I still have the original trimmer that I bought years ago when I first started getting into lawn care.  However in this case, I did make a switch to some battery powered tools and I have the Milwaukee Quik Lok system and it has worked well for me.

Honestly, whatever battery system you buy into is one that you will probably want to stick with so it’s cheaper. 

If you happen to be wanting to do any brush cutting as well, I bought this for our property and have cleared so many trails with it by hand and it just keeps going. 


The first spreader that I bought finally broke this year but I can’t complain too much that a tool that cost about $29 in 2012 made it to almost 10 years of use.  I still think the Scotts Mini is a decent option for beginners, and the Elite is the one I use now for the most part.  If you wanted to go with something super pro then I would get a Spyker. 


Once again, I still have my original blower! You might be seeing a trend here that I don’t change equipment very often unless I really have to.  In this category I still recommend that gas blower that I started with but I don’t think they sell it anymore and I have since switched to battery most of the time for light cleanups. I have the Milwaukee blower since it goes with the batteries I already have.  I got a backpack blower as a gift recently and it has blown me away (good pun, right?) but honestly, it’s great. 


For the past 3 seasons I’ve used the Sprayers Plus Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer and it works very well for me.  You can change out tips if necessary and the battery life is good so I haven’t found any reason to switch.  


With a lawn full of Kentucky Bluegrass for my first few seasons I quickly realized that a dethatcher can come in handy and the price of electric or now battery models made sense for me to purchase instead of renting. I have the Greenworks corded model and many also like the SunJoe.  For small areas I also like the good ole fashioned manual rake.  

Tools For Sharpening Mower Blades

Sharpening your own blades is actually very easy. Over the years I’ve tried various things but have settled on a method that is quick and easy and doesn’t require a lot of expensive stuff, either. All you need is an angle grinder and a flap disc.  See more in this video on the method I use –

Lawn Striping

This is another one that surprises people but lawn striping is not hard! By using a roller that lays down the grass after you mow a pass, light is reflecting creating dark and light lines depending on the direction that you look at the grass.  This creates stripes and with this tool, you can create patterns in your lawn like the pros! 

Safety Gear

I know it’s not always fun to be a #safetysally and wear your protective gear but a good pair of gloves and hearing protection go a long way when working in the lawn. I have been wearing Kinco gloves for many years now and they have not let me down. Similarly I often wear nitrile gloves when working with gas or oil and I am able to listen to my favorite podcast or music while running loud equipment with my ISOtunes bluetooth hearing protection. 

Lawn Nerd STUFF

Yes, sometimes we take it a little too far and we want the lawn nerd stuff.  My wife got me a grass prism last year for Christmas and if you’re thinking… “what in the world is that” then you are not alone.  However, just check it out for yourself and be amazed.

Then we have the rotary scissors.  This tool attaches to a trimmer but instead of using string to cut the grass, it uses blades to trim just like you had a scissors on the ground doing it by hand.  For anyone who reel mows, it’s especially nice because you can get closer to the ground without shredding grass like string trimmers tend to do.

As you know, I love renovation projects and over the years I’ve usually spread my topdressing materials by hand. That was until I started using the Landzie Spreader. This has not only saved me a lot of time compared to spreading by hand, but it also applies more evenly and with less mess.

And finally, who doesn’t need an 11 inch rain gauge? You’d actually be surprised how many times this has come in handy for that sudden 6 inches of rain storm that we have from time to time in the volatile midwest weather region. Measuring rainfall and irrigation is an essential task when it comes to lawns so this rain gauge has been my friend over the years.  This also measures down to the hundredth which is especially important for lawn and weather nerds alike. 🙂

That’s it! I hope this equipment guide gave you a few ideas as to the equipment I have used over the years and what I can recommend after having put these tools and equipment through their paces. Also, remember that the basis of every lawn is the actual grass that’s in it and if you’re in need of grass seed, we have the elite options that will create the basis of an amazing lawn for years to come. Thanks for reading!